The Great White Shark

The beast of the sea

Great white shark

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In 2010 a study by Barbara block of Stanford university have estimated a total of 3,500 great white sharks in the oceans at that time.

Scientific facts of the Great white shark

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Great white sharks are one of the most fearsome and frightening creatures of the sea, but despite these traits they are becoming more and more closer to the verge of extinction!How are they becoming extinct? Well because they are being hunted for food and for the making of materials. materials like pills and other type of medicine. According to the studies of many scientist they were able to average a number 100 million great white sharks are killed per year by humans. Do to this fact they are on the lists of becoming extinct.
Great White Shark Bites Camera

interesting facts.

1. A average Great white shark can grow from 11 to 13 feet in length.

2. A great white shark can swim at the maximum of 25 mph.

3. Great white sharks can weigh from 1500 pounds to a little over a ton!

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The largest Great White shark that have ever been recorded.

The beast in action!

Do Great white sharks sleep?

Some species of sharks need to swim constantly and the great white shark is one of the sharks that must keep moving in order to survive but some sharks such as the nurse shark have spiracles (as shown in the picture) that forces water across their gills allowing for stationary rest. So sharks don't sleep like humans do but instead they have active and resting periods.

Where great white sharks are known to be

The red stands for great white shark sites

Great White Shark