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This Week in CS...

Grades are currently due to wrap up the first semester and at this point majority of you have successfully completed Unit One of the CS Discoveries course! Many of you are diving into Unit 2 and are having much success with students and their understanding of HTMLs. Please continue to leave your feedback on the Google Sheet for the lessons you have completed as well as how the lesson is going (positive and negatives) Click this link below to access the sheet.
Curriculum Guide Sheet

Please include the date for the lesson you are currently working on. And after you complete the lesson, please leave comments.

Additional Curriculum Updates?

  • ESL Updates

How are you doing with your ELLs and Bilingual students in your classes? Are they understanding the HTML Language or this still a challenge? Please continue to provide feedback on this (challenges and/or successes)

  • Differentiated Curriculum ideas

How are you differentiating the curriculum in your classroom? Is paired programming helping? Do you need assistance scaffolding the curriculum? This feedback is needed as I am currently working with the Special Education Digital Director to get assistance with this for all students.

  • forum

Do you use the Teacher Forums for assistance? Click here to see what other teachers have shared about the curriculum (advice, resources, guides, additional tips!)

Apps and Extensions for CS

Have you heard of Kurzwiel? How about ReadWrite? These are Google Apps that teachers across Aldine are using in their classrooms that read websites and more! Check out the link for the ReadWrite and Kurzwiel (will need your account info to access-check email) Extensions.

ReadWrite Extension

Kurzweil Extension

Need help with these? Reach out to your campus Digital Learning Specialist for more assistance!

From the voices of OUR Students (Student Pre-survey results)

CS Training and Professional Development Opportunities

3D Printer Training

We hope you all have received your 3D printers and are ready for training.

Note: There should be one 3D printer per campus. New campuses were not listed to receive one as they should have been ordered for the campus with all other tech inventory. Please let me know if you are at Jones, Mead or Garcia are are unaware of your 3D printer.

We need to know the best times and days to host this 3D printer training. The session should be 2-3 hours. There will also be multiple opportunities for training. No one should be using their 3D printers until they have attended training. If you are using it and something happens to the machinery--it will be the teachers' responsibility and liability.

Please complete this brief form to let us know the best times for you to attend training.

Raspberry Pi Professional Development

As we look towards the future--next school year, we are going to shift to another programming language using Python. Raspberry Pi focuses on this language and I wanted to throw this out there to see who would be interested in learning more NOW, rather than later.

Here's a few sessions that are currently happening and we can go through them together if you would like.

Programming 101: An Intro to Python for Educators

(4 Weeks, 2 hrs/week)

How Computer Work: Demystifying Computation

(4 Weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Scratch to Python: Moving from Block to Text-Based Programming

(4 weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Object-oriented Programming in Python: Create Your Own Adventure Game

(4 weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

(4 weeks, 2 hrs/week)

Click the link below to learn more about each of these courses. They are all FREE and self paced but I would love for us to do this together. I can schedule a weekly meeting for us to go through this together. Starting in the Spring of 2019.

Let me know if you are interested!


Learn2Code.Live offers live online coding classes for K-12 students taught by recent grads/students of top tier universities (MIT, CMU and more). We have a few spots open in our November session for Introduction to Python Programming course. Please visit to learn more and to register.

CS Teachers Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 24th, 4:30-5:30pm

9999 Veterans Memorial Drive, Room 7

Please attend this meeting if you can. If you are unable to meet face-to-face, please plan to attend the meeting virtually using the Meet link located in the Google Calendar invite.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

CS Upcoming VOLUNTEER Opportunities

Black Girls Code Volunteers Needed!

BGC is looking for volunteers for their upcoming event on November 10th, Digital Making with Raspberry Pi! I unfortunately won't be able to attend because I will be hosting a CS Fundamentals training here in Aldine. However, I would love it if anyone you would volunteer for this event. It is their Raspberry Pi event and anyone (female or male) can volunteer. I'm very active with this organization and my daughter will be in attendance on this day (TMI, I know.)

They are looking for Tech Teachers (no experience with Coding in necessary, AT ALL), or tech assistants (help with the class). Please check out the link and let me know if you do--- I can provide INVEST Hours as PD! Also, lunch is provided!

Please visit to sign up.

Photos from Computer Science in Aldine

Due Dates are Closer than they appear!

Blog post are due (looking for help--ask a child to write the post!!! Spotlight a student and THEIR accomplishments)

Completing the CS Board report helps and I can also help you! Posting on here I can create a blog post for YOU! Thanks for those who have already contributed!

Big picture
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Make sure to share this Blog with your campus administrators!

Planning Team NEEDED!

Hour of Code- District Event!

Planning and logistics is coming together for this event. However, I am reaching out to all of you for more assistance. Would you like to help in the planning? This will be a virtual meeting for planning the details (unplugged activities, stations, and T-Shirt Design for the kids!) Email me if you are interested. A small team of 4 are needed.