"Sufragio Efectivo, No Re-Eleccion"

A real vote and no boss rule

Join Madero in defeating Porfirio Diaz

For years Diaz has been oppressing us with military rule, oligarchies, rigged elections, and corruption. America has successfully created a democracy, so why can't we?

Mexican Revolution of 1910 be there!

We want democracy! When do we won't it? NOW!

Help Madero take down Diaz and his dictatorship

Guaranteed to make you see that your life is worth fighting for!

How do you join?

1.Come to Madero's house, call, or email us

2. State your name and how you feel about Diaz

3. If you're approved then you're are one of us!

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There was a disagreement over the dictatorship, which led to rebellions against Diaz. Diaz finally resigned and fled to France and died shortly after. After his flee Diaz's Regime collapsed and Francisco Madero was made president.
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-What did Madero want for Mexico?

-How did Diaz rule?

-Who won over Mexico?

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