Scaling the Great Firewall of China

Stoping censorship from taking over China (School project)

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What is the issue?

The big problem is the Great Firewall of China. Chinese citizens can't really get all the news, websites and information they want. Chinese reporters have gone to prison for several years for telling the truth or their opinions of the government. There is almost no impact on the average citizen because they don't know what they're missing, but once you have been introduced to the free internet and recent news there's no going back.

What will we do?

We will PEACEFULLY protest, no violence at all. It's easier for people to have bad opinions of us if we attack, it would make people disregard our opinions and label us as savages, how would we get support then? We want to send this message straight to the United Nations and/or China's Government, so make sure to direct your sign's messages at them. For example: "We are promised free speech so let us speak!" "We have the right to know!" "Let us freely use our computers to the extent they're built for!" "Let the newspapers speak!" "Help us escape our bonds!"

Where are we going to meet?

We will meet at Beijing square and then go west a few blocks from there. We will meet tomorrow at noon. We must be free!