GIS School Newsletter

December 2022

Important Dates

Tuesday December 13... 4th Grade Holiday Concerts

Wednesday December 14... 5th Grade Holiday Concerts

Friday December 16... Progress Reports

Friday December 23... Holiday Break Begins

Tuesday January 3... School Back In Session

Monday January 16... No School for Students Staff PD

Friday January 20... End of Marking Period

Friday January 27... Report Cards Go Home

Counselors Corner... From GIS Counselor Kate Martell

Digital Citizenship

Parents and caregivers play an important role in teaching children how to make healthy choices regarding digital use and citizenship. It’s important to remember that our children’s brains are still developing, specifically their prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for critical thinking, judgement, problem solving, and impulse control. When a child or adolescent views content that shows violence harmful stereotypes, or not age appropriate it has an impact on their own ideas, behaviors and feelings. As our children are “growing up digital”, the following tips may be helpful to them and to you:

  • Limit the amount of screen time to 1-2 hours a day (or less if you notice it is negatively impacting your child).

  • Keep your child’s bedrooms free of screen media, including tv, game systems, laptops, iPads, cell phones, etc.)

  • Preview media that your child is interested in before you allow them to view/play it.

  • Co-view media (if appropriate) with them to discuss the content. This will help them to develop critical thinking skills.

  • Create a family media plan that everyone follows. This plan will ensure that media does not displace many important activities, such as, face to face interaction, outdoor activities, exercise and sleep.

The benefits of media and digital devices, if used in moderation and in an appropriate way can enhance our children’s experiences. Research shows that face to face time, with family, friends and teachers, plays a more important role in promoting our children’s learning and healthy development. We all have to do our best to make sure our children have a healthy balance of both.

4th and 5th Grade Holiday Concert

GIS is excited to be able to bring back the Holiday Concert this year. Below is a schedule for each grade level. Our Concerts will be held at the Gaylord High School Auditorium.

4th grade

December 13:

9:30 - Borowiak, Enders, Palmer, Smith.

10:00 - Bennett, Chojnacki, VanOosten, Warren

5th Grade

December 14:

9:30 - Parker, Reynolds, Wright, Habel, Neuvrith

10:00 - Stevenson, Sullivan, Packman, Payton

GIS Holiday Spirit Days

We encourage students to participate in our GIS Holiday Spirit Days for the last four school days of December. Please see the dates and themes below.

Monday December 19- Flannel Day

Tuesday December 20- Sparkle & Shine or Green & Red Day

Wednesday December 21- Holiday Character Day

Dress as a Holiday character from a book or movie...

Thursday December 22- Ugly Sweater Day

**All outfits are to be school appropriate and follow GIS expectations**

Lost and Found Items

Our Lost and Found is starting to stack up here at GIS. If your student has lost any items at school since the beginning of the year, please have them talk to their teacher about checking our Lost and Found down in the gym foyer. If you are interested in checking the Lost and Found, please enter through the Main Office after the school day between 2:45 and 3:30.

Thank you

GIS Office Hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday - Friday