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Weekly Update for BV Schools

September 13 | 2021

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For coming weeks, the District will provide case rates and other information each week. Click the gray button above to go to a spreadsheet. On the upper left you can also toggle to a "chart."

District Updates

Please see above for data regarding cases in our schools.

The District will continue to monitor the number of students and staff impacted by COVID. As a reminder, the Recovery Plan linked below and developed this summer has a plan for adding layers of mitigation as needed. The nursing staff in our schools will track absences in our schools. When we have 4% of a school out with a "like" illness, like COVID, the Response team will meet to determine if additional layers of mitigation practices need to be added. This might include increased distancing or masking for a period of time. Most often, our District has planned to shift to Remote Learning for a short period to allow full separation and opportunity to disinfect. Please review the Recovery Plan below and if you have questions, join our weekly Zoom call.

We will also review our District's Master Facility Planning on our Monday call after the COVID update.

The BV Schools Opening in Recovery Plan is linked here.

School District Master Facility Planning Information

Over the last year, the Buena Vista School District Board of Education has been working with a consultant to develop both a Maintenance Plan to care long term for our facilities as well as evaluate the growth and property use needs of the building overall. The Board of Education has set the following goals:

1. Achieve additional space for preschool and elementary programming

2. Address long term ADA and space needs at the District Administration office space

3. Remedy the safety issues of the Old McGinnis Gym through demolition or repair/repurpose

4. Maintain some land asset for additional expansion in future years

5. Create efficiencies in use of facilities around the Main Street campuses

6. Achieve goals with no tax increase to the community

Find the Master Planning Information Here.

The District is inviting the community to learn more about plans and receive at three more virtual meetings on:

Monday, September 13, 5:00 pm

Use the District Weekly Zoom Link included below to join. You can download an information sheet below.

BV Schools Master Planning Information

Click button to download information document regarding process for Master Planning

Weekly Zoom Meeting for Families

Each Monday, BV Schools will host a virtual meeting at 5:00 pm. This is open to all families to hear more about the status of learning in the school and to ask questions.

Join through the link below or by going to ZOOM and entering: 821 3222 5223


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