Executive Branch Infograph

By: Brennon Gifford and Bailey Box

Vice President

  • The VP’s responsibilities are to act as President if the President himself is unable
  • Over time he has gained more responsibilities from the president. This has happened by special task that the President has given him.

Presidents Cabinet

People who are part of the Presidents Cabinet

  • Vice President

  • 15 Executive Departments

    • Secretary of Agriculture

    • Secretary of Commerce

    • Secretary of Defense

    • Secretary of Education

    • Secretary of Energy

    • Secretary of Health and Human Services

    • Secretary of Homeland Security

    • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    • Secretary of the Interior

    • Secretary of Labor

    • Secretary of State

    • Secretary of Transportation

    • Secretary of the Treasury

    • Secretary of Veterans Affairs

    • Attorney General (Department of Justice)

The Purpose

- The are the people who advise the president on any issue that falls in their department

The National Security Council

  • What is the purpose of the National Security Council and who is in it?

    • advise the President on military and foreign policy

    • Secretary of State

    • Secretary of Defense

    • Secretary of the Treasury

    • Vice President

    • Head of the CIA

    • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

    • Commanders of the Four Branches

    • President’s Chief of Staff

  • What does the Office of Management and Budget Do?

    • is the largest office within the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The main function is to produce the President's Budget.

  • What are the duties of the Chief of Staff, Press Secretary, and White House Staff members?

    • Chief of Staff

Federal Bureaucracy

  • What is the Federal Bureaucracy?

All of the federal agencies & organizations that are part of the Executive Branch

Cabinet Departments

Independent Agencies

Regulatory Commissions