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We Can Help You With the Challenges of Planning a Funeral

With so many decisions to make, planning a funeral can become overwhelming. Let us help make this difficult time a little easier for your family.

We carry a variety of products for you to choose from

Our Specialized Staff Can Help Answer All Your Questions

From funeral home readings to burial decisions to luncheon choices, our friendly and caring staff can provide the best recommendations for your family.

Whether your loved one's funeral is already planned or your family needs to make all the decisions, Eternal Rest Funeral Home is here to help.

For More Information...

Please visit the websites listed below. They can provide you with further information to plan a memorable funeral for your loved one.

Culture and Religion Differences

There can be many difficulties when planning a funeral, but we're here to help you. If you anticipate having any financial difficulties, we have several payment options and low-cost options that will be the perfect fit for you. We also cater to all cultures and religions - our staff are experts with cultural and religious differences.

Having Problems Agreeing With Family?

Processing the death of a loved one is difficult enough without planning a funeral. To add to this stress, not all family members agree on what is the best thing to do. Our staff is excellent at helping to reconcile differences amongst family members. If your family is having a difficult time seeing eye-to-eye, Eternal Rest Funeral Home may just be the perfect place for you.


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