The Lady and the attemped murder.

Sweet Lollie shop scandal!!! Boy wanted.


Yesterday afternoon at approximately 3:00

the boys entered a candy shop in america,

they hated the lady so much they decided to

take revenge... three hours before they found

a dead mouse under the floor board they decided

to use the mouse to take revenge to frighten Mrs

Pratchett. so they did.

After hearing that Mrs Pratchett almost died, they

went and peaked into the lollie shop and saw a jar of gobstoppers empty and the gobstoppers

all over the floor! Mrs Pratchett was urgent to find out who

did this.

She was so suspicious that she had to go to the four boys school

to see which one of them spoilt her day. As the boys lined up on the wall

she walked by to see which one of them they were , as the old

lady spotted them it was time for they're revenge...

Mrs Pratchett asked the head master to whip them. As they get whipped one

by one mra pratchet sat there in joy!, When the four boys left after

the whipping, they went home and learned there lesson!