All About Me

By: Brianna Osterson

Hobbies I Enjoy

I like to play volleyball. I was in AAU Volleyball. I also like to read. I have a whole shelf full of books by my bed side.

Food I Like

Some of my favorite foods are strawberries, mac and cheese, carrots, cheesecake, popcorn, and wild rice.

My Dream Job

My dream job is being a nurse. that has been my dream job since I had know my cousin was a nurse. I look up to her.

My Favorite song

My favorite song is Every Time We Touch by Cascada. I love this song because it has a nice up beat to it and it's not really a pop song or a country song. It's one of those that are in between.

My Pets

I have a lot of pets. I have one dog named Josie, six cats that are named Fluffy, Thunder, Gracie, Boggly, Midnight, and Boots and we just got three new kittens. We don't have names for them yet because we don't know if they are boys or girls.

My favorite Place That I Went To

My favorite place that I went to was Kansas City, Kansas. i liked that place because we got to go to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun.

My favorite Color

My favorite color is mint green. It is not like a green green but it also isn't blue.