Special Education Weekly Update

November 11, 2015

Change to Procedures for Notification of ASP/JPSN at Meetings

The Special Education Department is instituting a new procedures to streamline the required scholarship notification process at meetings. Case managers will now include a statement from the IEP-Anywhere bank on the cover page. Click here for detailed procedures. If you have any questions ask your Supervisor.

What is Specially Designed Instruction?

Although the concept of specially designed instruction is the foundation upon which special education is built, educators who have the responsibility for developing and implementing individualized education plans often misunderstand it. Special education is defined as specially designed instruction provided to meet the unique needs of a student with a disability. Specially designed instruction is designed to ensure access to the general curriculum through modifications so that the student can meet the same academic standards as his/her nondisabled peers and to ensure progress toward meeting IEP goals and objectives. Click here if you wish to read more on the subject.

About Us

The Special Education Department in the Strongsville City Schools is a proactive group of highly qualified and driven educators that are dedicated to serve students with disabilities with passion and hard work. We provide professional development and innovative training to all levels of staff to ensure outstanding service to our students. We have high expectations at every level and work continuously to improve our instructional practices, leadership, and collaborative partnerships with parents and families.