Water Fountains Leaking

By: Anna Besler

Recently at Kennedy school water fountains have been leaking water during the school day. Teachers, kid, and staff, are aware of this constant issue.

Justin and Mr. Clapham the janitors at Kennedy both stated that the cause of the leakage is from the seal on the fountain. The seal has been wearing down and causes this frequent problem. Teachers, kids, and staff, want this problem fixed. Our janitors could fix it but don't have the proper materials. There's only one plumber in the entire school district and has a list with the most important problems to least important.

Mrs. Becker, a 3rd grade teacher at Kennedy, stated that her classroom has an issue of having her water fountain sound like a "jackhammer" also another issue besides the noise is also Mrs. Becker stated that her sink leaks as well. Mrs. Demkier, also stated that hers sounds like a "jackhammer" as well. Mr. Hoffman, another 3rd grade teacher, concluded that his sink "didn't have that issue" but did have a different model than the other teachers. Mr. Pfaff, a 4th grade teacher, concluded that his classroom had that issue and its definitely a big distraction to the class and having to go out and get a drink which disrupts the classroom.

This problem is annoying, disruptive, and loud. It interrupts classrooms and as much as we want it fixed it's very hard. Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the mear future