My PERSONAL cupcakes

I feel like making cupcakes right now.

I made myself some cupcakes.

I ate the cupcakes I made myself .


I was in the mood for hot fudge and ice cream.

I had some ice cream, it was awesome.

I added some fudge to my ice cream together they tasted yummy.

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I had a craving for some brownies.

When I got home, he had already eaten them all.

He said sorry then we made more.

OBJECTIVE cookies galore

Generous cookie giving.

You made cookies, and then gave me some.

You got mad at him for eating all the brownies!

PERSONAL cheesecake

Cheesecake crave.

That cheesecake is mine, the one over there is yours.

That cheesecake is ours to share.

INTERROGITAVE chocolate secrets

Chocolate recipe.

What is in this yummy chocolate?

Why is this so good?


Piece after piece.

This cake is super tasty.

That cake made me so full.

DEFINITEly amazing cake

Heaven in a bite.

I ate 6 pieces of cake.

We made 8 cakes and I ate 7 of them.


To many to count.

I had many pieces of candies.

Together we had several pieces of candy.