New Amazing Flying Drones

By: Marvin Wyrwas

Company of Amazon is sending drones to your house. Yes, Amazon is sending drones to your house! The drones are forms the sky to your house. In the day only during the day. Then you might see them flying to a person house or to your house, but these drones aren't going to let you get their drones because they are going to keep them in the air so you can grab them. These new drones will be doing more safe to get it over to your house so the product won't get crushed in the delivery. What does this mean to Amazon? Better delivery and a little more money for shipping.

The Amazon company is going to send you a special package but in the same day feeling. Workers from amazon will fly the drones on a day on day basis.The reason why is because a new way to travel your package to your house to get more excitement.

Why is it done in the day? Well, there is probably going to be a camera on the drone or the flyer needs to sleep. When is it going to come? Rumors are said that it might come in 2018. Will there be a different drone that is not for amazon? Yes, a pizza drone is going to go in 2018 also. Where will the drones be during night? We don't have information on this, but we have a prediction it might go to a building and someone might retrieve it but we don't know until more information is available. What if the drone drops the package? We don't know, but just hope it doesn't.