A villian attcking New York 2015

A villian is trying to take over the world

New York Attack

New York 12:00pm a villian started try take over the world. The people are running away from the villan but the villian killed 48 people. what if he takes over the world no human knows he might make us slaves or anything else but with no help who will save us no one knows this villian has strong powers. This brings fright to the city it is bad for people dyeing in the city we need to be save. The some one will save us the villian has ice and fire. how are we to stop him.


Oh my a superhero as came stop him. Everyone is happy the superhero name lighting show gun he strike the villian is is the people are running like crazy wild dogs thats insane the fight is still going on and thats messed up and the villian is sill trying to take over the world the villian self destory show gun destory him