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May 4th - 8th

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!


Brace yourselves and prepare for the showering of gratitude to commence! PTA has a special treat planned for you each day, and we do as well. Some things we will keep secret until the day they are given, but some you will need to be aware of in order to plan accordingly. Monday morning, PTA will kick things off with a staff breakfast. If you are able, you may want to come in a little early so that you have time to enjoy it, but early or not, come hungry. A-Team's Monday gift to you is shown below, and we hope you enjoy.

Regardless of how people show their appreciation to you this week, no matter how big or small, please know that it all comes from a genuine place in our hearts. We recognize the countless hours and effort you put into helping our children set goals, believe in themselves, safely fail, get up to try again, learn how to work with others, love learning, and achieve their personal best. You craft the message that their inner voices repeat over and over. That's a powerful message that can last and change a lifetime. You're impact is significant, and we want you to know how much we love and appreciate your efforts.

We also want to encourage all staff to cast a ballot in the upcoming McKinney ISD school board election. You can learn more about the board candidates by visiting each of their respective campaign websites. In addition, please encourage your friends to get out and vote. Early voting continues through Tuesday, May 5th and election day will be held on Saturday, May 9th. If you need a No Tracks day for the sole purpose of voting, please let me know. More information about the candidates and polling places can be found below.

Make today count!


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Staff, Student and Parent Surveys - ACTION REQUIRED

Below are surveys that need to be completed by teachers, parents and 5th grade students.

The HRS surveys are taken by administrators and teachers and measure the following:

Level 1 Safe and Collaborative Culture

Level 2 Effective Teaching in Every Classroom

Level 3 Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

The window for HRS will close the end of business on Thursday, May 14th. Please click on each link, as each is a different survey.

HRS Teacher Surveys

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

The Perception data will be taken by students (Grades 5,6, and 9) and parents. The survey window will close the end of business on Friday, May 8th. Our spanish speaking families will have the opportunity to take the survey either online or on paper. Please let me know if you would like a few paper copies.

Fifth grade teachers will need to decide how to rotate the students through this survey in their classrooms.

Perception Data

5th Grade Students

All teachers will need to send the link below out in your newsletter or in an email on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Request that parents take a few moments to take this survey. Their responses will help us as we begin to make plans for the upcoming year. Also remind them that the survey will close the end of business on Friday, May 8th.

Perception Data



MISD 1 Minute Film Festival

Check out this amazing opportunity for our students. The possibilities are endless and the prizes for teachers who have student submissions are negotiable! ;) As the end of the year approaches, for some students, this would be an amazing experience (extension).

  • 1 student winner from Elementary
  • 1 student winner from MS
  • 1 student winner from each High School
  • 100 dollar gift card
  • Winning videos will be a part of future student trainings on digital literacy/citizenship
  • Student winners announced on Day 3 of Converge at awards convocation



3rd Grade Living History Museum

Teachers, staff and students are invited to come to the Learning Commons to learn about some amazing people in history. All of the 3rd grade students have been working extremely hard researching, and are ready to “come alive” for you.

When: Thursday, May 7th

8:30-9:00am (Kammerer/Evans)

9:15-9:45am (O’Connor/Goodwin)

10:00-10:30am (Thomas/Possehl)

Where: McGowen Learning Commons

Why: To learn more about outstanding individuals who have impacted our lives.

When you come, just step on a “button” and listen to some really cool facts!

We hope to see you there. Please remember that because our students have been working so hard, we want them to be given the respect they deserve. Therefore, please come with your class to provide appropriate supervision, as opposed to sending students on their own.

Is it me, or does Laura look a little different these days?

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Volunteers During After School Duty

If you would like to volunteer to help support our positive behavior notes during dismissal, please click on the link below. A jeans pass will be issued for each volunteer slot that you sign up to serve. Please note that if you are already scheduled to that location as a duty, it would not be appropriate to volunteer for a position the same time you have duty.



For a printable version of the calendar, please click on the "Calendar" title above.
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  • Happy Admin Professional’s Day to Donna, Stacie and Barbara! You truly are the best and I am so thankful for all you do! I love working with each of you so much! I heart y’all! - Michelle C.
  • Shiela – Thank you for the talk and personal support. I appreciate you so much. - Michelle C.
  • JL & SL – I am grateful for you and your support more than you know. - Michelle C.
  • Krista & Bravo – Thank you for the last minute “props” this morning! You girls are so much fun! - Michelle C.
  • Saportio – Thank you for sharing your news. I am SO happy for you! - Michelle C.
  • 4th Grade Team – I enjoyed the wonderful shower! Sam, we are all so happy for you! We can’t wait to meet baby Mason!! - Michelle C.
  • Cathy Haney – Thank you for being you! LP
  • Jalynn – Thank you for helping my peep from last year after the Fan Jam! I appreciate it! LP
  • Lori and Linda—Thank you so much for covering my duty Thursday morning! I really appreciated it!
  • Melanie Burford WOW! How blessed we are that you made our budget project happen!!! I am so incredibly thankful for your help! Bodmer
  • Bravo, Chitwood, Sinclair, Nash, Morris and JD.... Love the laughter, the close talks and I have enjoyed this week with all of you ... You have no idea how much you all mean to me! Bodmer

  • JL- thank you for our collaboration and covering an ARD for me! You are an amazing partner! SL

  • Melanie- thanks for all of the time invested into the MAP schedule! SL

  • Shiela & Donna- thanks for managing ISS in your work spaces! SL

  • Krystal - Thank you for enduring the strangest summative conference ever held in a girls' bathroom. You were a great partner! -JL

  • Julie, Valerie, Maria, Krystina, Michelle, Melanie and Sylvia - Thank you for staying after school on a Friday to help with an interview. -JL

  • Nash - Thank you for being so patient with the shenanigans going on in my office during our summative conference. -JL

  • Jenny and Sam - Thank you for being so flexible with your schedules. I really appreciated being able to make those changes. -JL

Focus for 2014 - 2015

  • Providing all students with at least one year’s growth
  • Closing the achievement gaps in our subgroups
  • Utilize data to drive instruction
  • Collaborative team planning and lesson design to promote higher level thinking and student engagement
  • Posting learning and language targets daily in student friendly terms



Rhonda Taylor - 3rd

Lisa Crates - 16th

Miss Irma - 17th

Bad Dude Award

This week, we are happy to honor one of our newer kids on the block, Jean Possehl! Jean has been such a tremendous addition to our team. Aside from being an amazing teacher, Jean always has a positive attitude. Even when things are just plain bad, Jean will keep a smile on her face, put one foot in front of the other and laugh right through it. She is a team player and works for the collective good of the group. If a student is struggling, she won't stop searching until she finds the right intervention or resource to meet his/her needs. Her students would say that she is pretty tough, but they would also tell you that she loves them and only wants the best for them. They'd also share that she has even attended one of their games or performances outside of school. I adore her, the job she has done, and what she brings to this campus.

Thank you, Jean!

School Board Election Information

Remind for Staff

I have created a Remind for our staff in order to send out just-in-time reminders, last minute notifications of jeans/warm-up days, and/or emergency info. If you haven't already, please click on the link below to join the group.

McKinney ISD's Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Any time we have an idea, concern, solution and/or comment, this is the filter through which we should speak. Let's help each other live up to our vision, mission, and beliefs.


We are a cohesive, diverse community providing engaging learning experiences for all.

We will provide engaging learning experiences so students can become effective communicators, quality contributors and socially responsible citizens.

  • Partnerships between students, parents, community members and staff are foundational to educational success.
  • Positive school culture and a safe environment foster growth.
  • Everyone has inherent value and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Learning is an active process requiring engaging tasks and engaging minds.
  • Relevant and authentic experiences ignite continuous, deeper learning.
  • Meaningful relationships enrich learning.
  • Confidence fuels risk taking and higher achievement.
  • Financial stewardship ensures a tomorrow for education.