Ixonia Friday Focus

Need-to-Know Staff Updates: SEPTEMBER 16, 2016



Parent Falcon Flyer S'more link: https://www.smore.com/n3err

Monday, September 19

  • Laminator Repair guy coming some time this week!

Tuesday, September 20

  • Club & Staff Meeting 7:30 am

  • Float planning meeting - 12:20 in Stacy's office

  • Fire Drill #1 - 2:05

  • OASD School Board Meeting 7:00 at OHS

Wednesday, September 21

  • Stacy out for admin meeting all day - Erin here

Thursday, September 22

  • Para meeting @ 1:30 in Stacy's office

  • 6:00-8:00 Float building at the Pyka’s house (W195 Cottage Ave. in Oconomowoc)

Friday, September 23

  • PTO Free Movie Night - doors open 5:45, movie starts at 6:15 : Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

  • Tier 2 meeting 7:45 am

Upcoming Dates:

  • September 26-30: Homecoming Week/Monday: Pajama Day/Tuesday: USA Day (red, white and blue): Wednesday/Super Hero Day:: Thursday/School Spirit Day.Friday/Back to the 50s Day

  • September 26 - Referendum Meeting and School Tour - 6:30-8:00 pm, Ixonia Gym

  • September 26 - Chip Shoppe Orders Due

  • September 29 - 4:00-6:00 Float building at the Pyka’s house (W195 Cottage Ave. in Oconomowoc)

  • September 30 - OHS Homecoming Parade and Football Game

BLT Updates

  • We reviewed and updated Ixonia’s mission and belief statements that were developed by staff a couple years ago. These have been posted on our website.

  • We will be developing a feedback questionnaire which will be sent out after school events in order for continuous improvement. This will be the mode for staff to communicate reflections and new ideas from these school-initiated events (i.e. open house, conferences, etc.). PTO events should be directly communicated to them, but this questionnaire idea will be shared with them.

    • For any other thoughts/ideas you have about our school can be emailed to Stacy or shared with any BLT members to bring up at meetings. We start each meeting with “new business” which may be discussed at that meeting or tabled for a future agenda.

  • We are exploring ways to grow professional relationships among staff. One idea is to team-up with another one or two colleagues and have mutual observations. We will discuss this at our next staff meeting.

Staff Meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 20 (7:30-8:25) in Library


  • 7:30 MEETING ABOUT IXONIA CLUBS (anyone interested)
  • 8:00 "Tech in 10 (minutes)" (EVERYONE)
  • 8:10-8:25 - Professional Development Team-Up Support Network (EVERYONE)

MONDAY Common Planning

Gifted & Talented Plan:

Over the last year our staff has been working to develop a gifted and talented plan that focuses on supporting teachers in meeting the needs of advanced learners. We are excited to share that work with you and get your feedback. In order for our time together to be as valuable as possible we have included a link to our presentation and a resources document for teachers below.


  • computer or printed copy of the resources document



Interventionists will start on Tuesday!

Thanks to some adjustments with funding, our interventionists are able to start on Tuesday next week. Please welcome:

  • Dawn Turner = math
  • Lindsay Burke = reading

Interventionists will be just getting to know your kids next week. From 9/20 through 10/7 is considered "booster sessions." October 11th starts the 1st official intervention cycle.

  • Tuesday they will just be observing in classrooms. Please introduce these interventionists to your students.
  • Wednesday they will pull the kids for "getting to know you activities."
  • Thursday & Friday they will start to work on key concepts that your kids are struggling with or begin a formal reading intervention.


Attached is a link with students who will be targeted for booster, based on last year's spring data. Students in booster may not necessarily qualify for round 1 intervention. These decisions will be made on Sept. 26th during our common planning "data dig."

During your own common planning times next week, please start planning your PIE groups, which will officially begin Tuesday, September 27th.

It is really important to remember that PIE groups should never be new instruction or include common core targets that aren't being taught at some other time during your day/week.



Save the date for the Oconomowoc Homecoming Parade and Game. The parade starts at 5:15 p.m. Last year, our Ixonia float was amazing....and believe it or not, this year the float is going to be even better! The year's theme: Back to the 50's! Our float will be "Ixonia Serves Up Fun!" It's a 1950's ice cream parlor theme. Check out the link for more details. More staff are welcome to join in the fun!

We need adult volunteers to help build the float at the Pyka's home @ W195 Cottage Ave. in Oconomowoc. If you're available to assist, we are looking for help the following dates:

  • Thursday, Sept. 22nd from 6-8 p.m.
  • Thursday, Sept. 29th from 4-6 p.m.

We will be encouraging staff, student & parents to dress in a 1950's style.

Field Trips - Bus

In talking with Oconomowoc Transportation, it appears that they (and the entire industry) continue to struggle with bus driver shortages. The driver shortage requires us to implement time restrictions on OASD field trips. At this time, there is very little wiggle room.

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are better days to accommodate fieldtrips beyond the 2:30 time frame. However, this is limited and depends heavily on weather cooperation and the athletic schedule for the evening. Please work with Michele at OTC to determine if your fieldtrip date might allow for more flexibility with the return time. The buses have more flexibility in the a.m. than p.m., so it is easier to accommodate an earlier departure than a later return.

We found out this week that if you are denied a field trip through OTC, a good alternative is Watertown's bus transportation services...keep that in mind!

Weekly Tech and Library Tidbits

Please take a moment to complete the technology survey, if you haven’t already. https://goo.gl/forms/KnwWdKmtRwnqZMRO2

Hearing & Vision screening requests

On November 1st all Ixonia students in 4K & 5K get an annual hearing screening. If any teachers would like to request that a student in your class is screened, please fill out the attached form.

Wanted: A Yearbook Advisor

Please consider being our yearbook advisor! Chelsie has done a great job, but has decided to this opportunity with another staff member. If you involve kids in the process (i.e. being yearbook photographers at events, etc.), it can count as a club. See me for more information! Any can be a yearbook advisor!

PBIS @ Ixonia

Student use of handicap door

Students in grades 4K-2nd grade are having a difficult time understanding how to buzz the door and open it. If you have a few minutes, can you please take a little field trip and show students how this is done. Apparently kids have really been struggling when they need to come in from recess to use the restroom or see Mrs. Bratsett.

PBIS Videos available

PBIS video link: http://www.oasd.k12.wi.us/page.cfm?p=6164

After viewing them, please make time to discuss what they noticed and practice the behaviors in the various settings.

Tier 2 meetings

This will be the process for Tier 2 meetings this year:

  • PBIS Tier 2 meetings will be every other Friday, opposite of Tier 1 PBIS meetings. Most meetings will begin at 7:45 unless there are many students to discuss or we need more time to develop a comprehensive plan.
  • If you have a child you would like to discuss, please let Tina or Stacy know by Monday at noon. The student services team will meet every other Monday to review Educlimber/SWIS data and discuss other students in need. From there the agenda for the Tier 2 meeting will be generated.
  • Agendas will be emailed to all staff by Tuesday mornings prior to the Friday meeting.
  • Members of the team will be listed under each child. The team will consist of Stacy, Tina, current teacher, learning strategist that supports the grade level, literacy coach (if student is Tier 2 or Tier 3 RtI intervention). Other staff members are welcome to attend any meet if they would like to contribute to the discussion.