Savings Vs. Investing

Gina Conti

Deifference between saving and investing

The difference between saving and investing is saving is put in to the safest places. Also the money is paid a low wage as it works for you. If a big emergency happens in the future then you have the money that you've been saving to go back too, and use for that big sudden emergency.

While investing is basically spending your money. when you invest in something you have greater chance In loosing your money rather than saving. By investing your money you have like a 50 to 50 chance o the outcome of gaining or loosing money depending on what you invest in. Its more of a sudden thing rather than with saving your gaining money that builds up for the future.

Rreasons for developing savings plan

developing a savings plan is a good idea because if an emergency happens later on then the money that you have been saving can cover for the emergency. You don't have to have the struggle to find some money to cover the accident.

Saving services

Huntington bank offers premier savings. Premier savings is the easy way to help save money. It sets up and automatic savings payment for the checking account. makes it so you maintain an average saving number ( dollar amount ).