Pre-lit 6' Christmas Tree & Garland


Frontgate Prelit 6' Christmas Tree and 9' Garland

If you've ever looked at the Frontgate catalog, you know the quality (and pricey) Christmas trees and garland they sell. Since we are moving to a much smaller city townhome from our country farmhouse, we realize that we won't have the room for such a generous tree and garland, but we can give someone else a Christmas present!

The pre-lit 6' tree, purchased 6 years ago, does have a section that seems to be on the fritz, but we've just added an extra string of lights to make up for it. The 9' of garland spanned an archway in our house (and we're happy to give you the archway hardware if that helps you) and is a pleasure to decorate with ornaments. All of its lights are fully functional. We have the garland in a nice specialized garland holder, and the tree (which is on wheels) has it's own specialized cover which is really nice.

This is a BIG item and would require pickup at our house and a vehicle with plenty of room to transport it, but we think it would be well worth it for someone looking to replace their artificial tree and garland or adding another to their home.
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Totally Free (Merry Early Christmas!)

Great Condition!

With the exception of the one area that is no longer working in the pre-lit tree, the tree and pre-lit garland are in excellent condition (helped by the custom tree cover and garland bag). With our house going on the market soon, we'd just like to have them out of our basement as soon as possible!

Free, but due to the size of the tree, you'll need to come pick it up from our home.