Yes to Father-Daughter Day

By: miriam N.

Fathers Must Spend Time With Daughters!!!

  • Fathers can teach and talk to their daughters
  • Don't take being able to see your fathers for-granted
  • Fathers can give daughters the love and the support they need
  • Expert Erika V. Shearen Karres says,"One benefit a daughter gets from relating to her father is a healthy concept of self-esteem."
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Did You Know???

The more girls spend time with their dads, the better self-esteem they will have.
Father And Daughter Sing Beautifully (Official) [HD]

A Girl's Self Esteem

A girl's self-esteem is very importaint in her life. Father's can make a girl have better self-esteem by spending more time with them. Having no self-esteem can lead to bullying and suicide.

Take Action!!!

Take action and ask your dad to take you on a date, go somewhere with him, or have a special night alone with him! Be sure to have a great connection with him!