John Locke and Karl Marx

By Kyra A. Helmuth

John Locke

-John Locke was a philosopher.

-His biggest questions were, "Why do we have government?" and, "What are the governments jobs?"

-He believed that when we are born we have three natural rights: life, liberty, and property.

How John Locke became known

-He was successful at many things: writing, studying medicine, being a philosopher, political theorist, etc.

-Example: some people knew him more as an author and some (most) people knew him more as a philosopher or a political theorist.

John Locke's three natural rights

Fun facts about John Locke

-Born in 1632 in Wrighton Somerset.

-Died in 1704.

-His father fought in the Civil War.

-Studied medicine.

-He wrote and published many books.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx had great ideas. He made up six different governmental systems which were: primitive communism, slave societies, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, and communism. He also attempted to write many books, but many of them didn't get published until after he died.

About Karl Marx's life

Karl Marx was born into a middle class family. He lived in London for most of his life, but lived in Paris for six years. He studied at the universities of Bonn and Berlin where he became interested in Philosophy. Karl Marx is now known as one of the most influential people in human history.

Karl Marx's published books

Fun Facts about Karl Marx

-He's German.

-He had a Ph.D.

-As a young man he wanted to be a drama critic.

-Born in 1818.

-Died in 1883.

-He was a philosopher, economist, sociologist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist.

-Born in Prussia.