Ancient India's Education

By: Grace Nelson

India had many inportant thinkers, philosophers, inventors, and scientists

One of india's famous scientist and mathematician was Aryabhata. He was able to calculate the value of pi out 4 decimal places. He also calculated the length of the solar year to be 365.35 days, which is nearly the figure we use today. Aryabhata believed that the earth turned on its axis and revolved around the sun.

The College Universities

In India, Gupta built some of the world's first universities, and they were often located near religous centers. But China and Greece also made universities. China made it more for the kids to move into goverment, and Greece made it for more of a religious kinda way. India put the two ideas together and made the some of the first colleges that famous people to school.

Nalanda Universities

The most famous Buddhist school was Nalanda. Only men were allowed to attend this school. One exception: daughters of instructors were allowed to attend and study.

Medical services

At India's schools a lot of people got their degree in medical services. Doctors had learned to diagnose and treat numerous ailments. They were able to classify diseases and identify numerous healing plants. They also gave inoculations against disease. Also doctors became pioneers in the area of surgery. They set broken bones, performed caesarian sections and used plastic surgery to repair facial mutilations. Most importantly, they realized that cleanliness in surgery or with open wounds could prevent infection.


As you can see India's education really helped the growth of their Ancient Civilization. They had great philosophers, colleges, and medical services.

By Grace Nelson