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​physical properties:

​Density of solid: 5904 kg m-3

​Molar volume: 11.80 cm3

​Velocity of sound: 2740 m s-1

​Chemical properties:

​Atomic number 31

​Atomic mass 69.72 g.mol -1

​Velocity of sound: 2740 m s-1

It's found: in minerals or ores in the earths crust

It has 2 isotopes

Safety info: shouldn't be ingested, if so can cause kidney damage.

The metal that melts in your hand

Top quality gallium

Hello my name is gallium. I am an element on the periodic table. My atomic mass is 200g. I have have 80 protons and 80 electrons.

I am a pretty rare metal. when I get to close to even a little heat I can melt. One day I was walking in to a classroom and it was full of people. I started to melt but I sat in a jar and molded myself back into my shape.

I am a very fun metal at times. I'm used in the iPhone 5 so that's cool. But at times I can be dangerous one day a young boy saw me sitting on a shelf I had a warning label but he could see it. He decided to drink so of me. It was too late before I could tell him he was rushed to the hospital and had extreme kidney damage.