Teaching & Learning- 8/26/20

Mount Airy City Schools- Volume 25

Our MACS Teaching and Learning Newsletters

Our team's goal is to continue providing you with a set of vetted resources to support your work as a reflective practitioner. Our MACS family is thankful for each and every one of you, without you and our students, this work would not be possible. We are all blessed with bountiful opportunities to be change-makers in this world. Have a fabulous 2020-2021 school year!
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Staying Up-to-Date in MACS

Utilize the following links, all found within our #MACSawesome website, to remain well-informed with our reopening plans and processes. We are so thankful to have our students back in school, where they can continue learning in an environment that is safe and supportive of both students and staff. We are also thankful for a dedicated and hard-working group of individuals that are making good things happen everyday for our kids. THANK YOU for all you do, no matter your role, you are greatly appreciated.
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PTEC Calendar of PD Events for the 2020-2021 Year

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The Arts and SEL Can Be a Powerful Combination! Check out the 3 links below from CASEL and NCDPI

Vetted Resources to Support Your T & L

EcoExplore is a K-8 Science resource with standards-based, high-quality materials already prepared for teachers! Check out the Teacher Packet downloaded below.
Check out this critical resource below, which supports our need to address our students' SEL needs with an opportunity to embed into the English Language Arts Standards K-12.
Supporting our EL Students SEL Needs- see the guide below
Spanish Digital Resources from NCDPI- see the link of vetted sites linked below.
Implementing the NC Early Learning Inventory During COVID- see the Guide below

Water Education Pen Pals information from our partners at NCDPI

This is a great opportunity to provide an innovative experience that connects STEAM and ELA! See the details from DPI below.

Dear Amazing Educators:

Interested in a unique approach to learning and teaching about watersheds and water resources? Wondering how to teach about science through English/Language Arts? I'm currently taking applications for the latest Water Education Pen Pal Fall 2020 Cohort! This program is open to K-12 classrooms, however depending on interest, it's possible that not all applicants will be paired. Feel free to forward this to any other educators in your life.

Program Overview:

Your class will be paired with another class, probably in a different region or even state. I will share with you some templates and sentence starters to offer your students to guide their letter writing.

You will ensure the letters are either typed or hand written and sent off to the partnering class. Classes will be paired based on: Class size, grade level, and desired form of correspondence (email or hand-written mailed letter).

Your students will get to receive letters from their peers and learn about similarities and differences in various ecosystems. Topics include (you will select): Watersheds, water quality, streams/rivers, oceans, ecosystems.

We've had a lot of fun with this in the past. When you are ready to apply, you'll need to have your class roster/email addresses available. It's also a good idea to run this past your principal, too. Deadline to apply is August 31. You will receive your paired class by mid-September.

Feel free to email me with questions: Lauren.Daniel@ncdenr.gov

Apply for Water Education Pen Pals Fall 2020 Cohort

MACS Digital Teaching and Learning Teacher Leaders

We would like to thank Brittany Branch, Digital Learning Coach for working with our team of Digital Teaching and Learning teacher leaders during 2 weeks of July. All schools have a team of 4 teachers that attended this professional development. As a result of their work they also designed and facilitated virtual PD sessions during the Week of August 3. All of these sessions can be found within Schoology for MACS educators to access as needed. We appreciate these teachers taking on the additional PD this summer to help build capacity within every school. Please reach out to them as another source of collaboration and knowledge around digital teaching and learning.

Digital Teacher Leaders for the 2020-2021 School Year:

BHT- Kelly Johnson, Maria Segura, Patti Bobbitt, and Tara Hill

Jones- Gina Tompkins, Lauren Murphy, Ginnie Deaton, and Jessica Hall

MAMS- Alex Tedder, Stephanie Hutchinson, Dalton Tedder, and Emma Wagoner

MAHS- Bryan Hayes, Melissa Ogle, Livia Livengood, and Becca Fritchey

>Log into your Schoology Account

>Choose Groups at the top of the page and then select Professional Development- Teachers

>On the LEFT side of the page select Resources

>Select the yellow folder at the top, Digital Teaching and Learning Resources

*In this folder we will be loading all of the session recordings from the presentations, as well as any presentations they want to share. All of this will be uploaded by Friday, August 14, 2020.

For those of you that attended, your attendance was documented and CEUs will be added within Linq by September 2020. We appreciate your patience as we try to keep it all going strong to support our schools.

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Character Education

Piedmont Triad Education Consortium (PTEC) Opportunities for Professional Development 2020-2021

Please see the document attached below from PTEC regarding their professional opportunities (PD) for the 2020-2021 school year. Our membership in PTEC guarantees that we have a certain number of spots available for MACS employes to attend. We would love for you to take advantage of these opportunities if they will support your professional growth. Please work directly through your school administration to make arrangements for attending PD.

Consistent Collaboration within MACS- STEAM Institute Resources Have Arrived!

Don't forget to check out our resources, developed by our MACS colleagues and shared in our MACS repository. Each day we are also adding resources into our Schoology Group called- Professional Development, including the videos from our most recent, STEAM Institute. See the steps below for accessing

>Log into your Schoology Account

>Choose Groups at the top of the page and then select Professional Development- Teachers

>On the LEFT side of the page select Resources

>Select the pink folder at the top, MACS STEAM Institute (Recent and Historical)

>Select the yellow folder at the top, May 26-27, 2020 STEAM Institute

*In this folder you will have access to recordings from many of our #MACSawesome presentations.


Please follow the steps below to access our Schoology folder designed especially for MACS Teachers preparing for the 2020-2021 school year.

>Log into your Schoology Account

>Choose Groups at the top of the page and then select Mount Airy City Schools

>On the LEFT side of the page select Resources

>Select the blue folder Curriculum

>Select the pink folder at the top, Remote Learning

MACS Teaching and Learning

Dr. Phillip Brown, Chief Academic and Human Resources Officer

Penny Willard, Director of Innovative Programming

Scott Dollyhite, Director of Exceptional Children and Student Services

Olivia Sikes, Director of Career and Technical Education and Student Accountability

Polly Long, Workforce Initiatives Coordinator

Kini Brindle, Social & Emotional Learning and Exceptional Children Compliance Coordinator