Went In Strong, Came Out Stronger.

By, Matthew Murray

Still Standing, the Margaret Cain Story

How many people are fortunate enough to live almost 100 years? However, when someone lives 100 years, they will encounter 100 years worth of challenges. A loss of her mother along with a father who couldn't take care of her didn't stop Margaret Cain from fulfilling her potential. The difficulties in life decreased while she raised her children, but tragedy happened again in 1984. Her husband, Steve Cain, passed away because of cancer and she had to make a living on her own. Regardless of the fact that she was grieving, she kept herself financially afloat, and she kept moving forward in life. Margaret Cain never backed down from a challenge in her life, and you can hear the full story from the person who went through it all.

What Is A Hero?

When you think of a hero, what is the image in your mind? Do you think of Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man saving the world? Do you imagine a quarterback driving his team down for the winning touchdown? Do you think of a baseball player hitting a walk-off home run in the World Series? While a lot of heroes might be famous celebrities, they aren't always well-known people; they can be common people who walk on the sidewalk with you and me. A true hero is someone who shows poise under pressure and is strong-willed.
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Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa

Apollo Creed died in the arms of his best friend, Rocky Balboa. Similarly, Steve Cain, Margaret Cain's husband, died in her arms.

America's Hero vs. The Pride of America

Life is filled with many twists and turns. Being blindsided by tragedy or thrust into difficult circumstances is a risk we all face. Abraham Lincoln was struck by each one, but kept moving forward because he knew it was the right thing to do. After entering politics in 1832, Lincoln was able to win the respect of the country with his charismatic speaking ability and leadership. He eventually became the sixteenth president in 1860 and was forced to try to reunite a country that had been split in two just a few months prior to his inauguration. Even after losing three sons during his presidency and getting massive criticism during the dire circumstances of the Civil War, Lincoln survived all of the blows (for five days at least). Abraham Lincoln was the perfect example of a man who showed poise under pressure and a person who demonstrated a strong will.

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Nanny with a Child

Margaret Cain became a nanny for three boys in her teenage years. She would care for them and treated them as well as she would eventually treat her own children.

The Hard Knock Life

When the subject of life in an orphanage is brought up, most people in the world think about Annie and her friends singing about how horrible life is for them. Even though most movies exaggerate true stories, movies involving orphanages as the setting actually have to downgrade what normal life is in it. In an orphanage, the daily routine involves beatings, embarrassment, and depression. Some orphans only have to experience it for a few years; others, up to a decade. They are deprived of normal childhoods and are forced to experience a life of sadness. The children who live in orphanages (orphans) are isolated from the real world and emotionally and physically scarred by living there for a long period of time.

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Margaret Cain lived in an orphanage as a child and she reflected on it as an experience that saved her from living the remainder of her life on the streets.
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Never Give Up

She started her life as an infant

She was hoping for the best of luck

Life was going very well

But tragedy struck

Her mother passed away when she was only four

Her father couldn't take care of her anymore

The situation wasn't ideal and she seemed like a lost little pup

But in the face of adversity, she never gave up

She moved into an orphanage

A home with brand new coordinates

The change was big and hope was small

But in the face of adversity, she stood tall

She got back on her feet and lived a good life

She had kids and grandkids who filled her with delight

All was going perfectly fine

But her life almost started to decline

Her husband was stricken with cancer that harms

Shortly after, he died in her arms.

He had made most of the living for him and her

But she wouldn't let her life derailing occur

She made money by renting out a room in her house

Despite grieving the loss of her spouse

She prevented herself from going bankrupt

Because of the fact that she never gave up

Now she lives a peaceful life

She is a shining star that still shines bright

Her life wasn't perfect, but she lived well enough

All because she never gave up