Local Families Income is Dropping

By Jennifer Scott

Friendswood Families Lowering Wages

Friendswood is a city for families to live in and for their kids to grow up. Many families have recently lost jobs or are losing money do to stocks and how bad the economy is. With many people having kids in high school, their children are turning 16 and getting ready to drive. With the drops in wages, they cannot afford new cars, causing the demand to go down. Instead of buying brand new cars, they are either sharing the cars they already have, or buying used ones.

New vs Used

New Cars vs Used Cars

There is nothing wrong with buying a used car. However, before you make your purchase, check the mileage, condition of the car, how it runs and what kind of work it has had done. While owning a new car is nice, for inexperienced drivers, it probably isn't the best thing for them.