CT Summer 2020

What you need to know

Campers who should sit out camp for 2020

  • CT can not take for this year campers are at higher risk of illness.
  • Campers with active asthma
  • Campers who should consider not signing up for camp would-be campers who live or are cared for by anyone over 70 or anyone with a compromised immune system.

Screening Procedures for Campers

Part of the new normal for Summer 2020 will be temperature checks and health screenings for all campers at drop off.
  • Campers' temperature will be checked by Senior Staff while campers are in their car.
  • Campers can not have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, and not have received fever-reducing medicication that morning.
  • CT will not record temperature data.
  • Parents will need answer a series of screening questions.
  • Please review our sick policy on our website
  • In light of the current pandemic, we are recommending that campers with pre-existing health conditions wait until next year to attend camp. Likewise, if a camper is living with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is medically fragile, we ask that they wait until next summer to attend.

Screening Procedures for Staff

  • When staff arrive to start their day at camp, their temperatures will be checked and they will answer screening questions.


  • Teams will be led by the same staff members for the entirety of the session.
  • If a staff member is not working, additional staff will fill in. Staff members will be wearing masks while working at camp, this will allow them to interact with multiple teams, if necessary.


  • Staff - will be wearing a mask at all times during camp.
  • Campers - K-7th grade campers will need to wear a mask during drop-off and pick-up. They will also need to wear a mask if multiple teams are in a shelter during inclement weather.
  • PK/K - will be coming arriving and leaving camp at different times as a group, they will not need to wear masks during these transitions.

* Campers can wear a mask during the full time of the program if parents wish, our concern is the camper knows how to take on and off, is not too hot in it and will not be distracted with it.

Social Distancing

  • Each camper will be placed in a team. Their team will stay together for the session, they will not be required to practice safe social distancing from other campers in their team.
  • Teams will have staggered times at activity areas. When organizing full camp gatherings we will utilize our game field. Each team will have an area more than 6 feet from other teams.
  • If unfavorable weather occurs and our teams must utilize sheltered areas, campers will be asked to wear their mask. Our plan is to minimize this event by allowing each team to have their own space. At times, some spaces may not be able to be utilized if the weather is extremely bad.

Handwashing & Personal Hygiene

  • Campers and Staff will be required to sanitize or wash their hands before starting the camp program each morning, arriving at each activity area, leaving each activity area, and before and after using the bathroom.
  • CT will make sure to balance handwashing and sanitizing in the best interest of the campers.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Teams will be given their own spaces to use during the day.
  • Activity areas will be cleaned before and after use by a team.
  • Rotation of equipment will be done on a daily basis to allow for multiple teams participate in the same activity at different times.
  • Older campers will be taught how to clean equipment prior to use, teaching and allowing campers to take responsibility.
  • Teams will be assigned their own equipment that will be cleaned daily.
  • A full camp cleaning will be done at the end of each camp day. (including all tables, bathrooms, playground, handwashing areas, etc.)

Team Sizes

  • The team of campers will primarily be divided by grade.
  • There is a friend request form that can be submitted in your camper's form section. However, a request will be taken based on group sizes, and grades. (ie. no kindergartner will be placed with a 2nd grader or older)
  • Team sizes will be between 10 and 15 campers this year.


Creative Themes is known for our camp activities, we plan to continue these activities with our teams during the weekly schedule. Depending on the number of teams during a session, teams will have 3-4 activities blocks a day. The teams will move through their block schedule together, participating in each activity, led by their team counselors. During the course of the week, all campers will have participated in each camp activity currently offered, dependent on weather and availability.

  • Encourage your campers that everything is fun, and to try.
  • Remind them they will get to do it.
  • We will share with each team their schedule.


  • CT will provide a daily peanut-free snack. All teams will have time to take a break for their snack and juice.
  • NO WATERBOTTLES- all campers will have water breaks. Counselors will dispense water into individual cups when water breaks are taken.


  • CT will be working on a pool schedule for our teams. Scheduling of swim times will be dependent on the number of teams and campers attending during a sessions.
  • More information on other water activities will be shared (waterslide, pool, water games).

*Campers may be asked to come to camp in a bathing suit.

Travel Restrictions

At this time if you were planning to travel this summer please be aware of the New travel restrictions New York State as implemented. Creative Themes can not have any campers attending a camp session if they have traveled to any of the restricted states and have not completed a 14-day quarantine and are completely symptom-free.

If you have plans for the summer and need to make changes now is the time to do it, we will not allow for changes once July 13th comes.

New Travel Restrictions


  • All campers should come to camp will sunscreen on.
  • If you feel your camper will need additional sunscreen, we ask that you provide a spray-on sunscreen and a stick for their face.

*This would help with staff being able to help campers with sunscreen application.

Camper or Staff becomes infected with COVID 19

As most of us know there is an inherent risk of exposure in any place we go. Our goal is to educate ourselves, to the best of our ability, on the guidelines provided by the CDC and put the best practices in place. With the precautions and procedures in place, if we do end up with a case, we will notify our Local Health Department. In the event that a camper or staff member tests positive, all parents and staff will be notified, maintaining the anonymity of the individual.