My Hero

Courtney Allen

What is a hero?

A hero can mean many things. I personally think a hero is someone who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, and bravery. They tend to never give up on what they are trying to achieve, and always have room to help others along the way.

My hero: tracy allen

A hero in my life is my cousin, Tracy Allen. Tracy is a hero to me because of the many things that she has accomplished without giving up. One thing that she has accomplished that has really surprised me was that she is going to school to become a sign language interpreter, a dream of hers since she was a kid. Tracy started learning sign language at the age of 9 to be able to communicate with her deaf friends. Tracy fell in love with sign language and never gave up on it when it got hard. She has accomplished many things knowing sign language, and has been able to help many people. Tracy has achieved many things, she's brave, and she never gives up on something she starts. That is why Tracy Allen is my hero.
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