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Dear Families,

We hope Week 2 of Virtual Learning went well at your house! As previously communicated, we’re excited to announce that our K5 teachers will be experimenting with Google Meet beginning this upcoming week. Activities may vary between teachers and schools over these first few days as we determine what works best at each grade level. We expect students will have many questions and will experience challenge. This is such a great learning experience to have students invoke their growth mindset and embrace the struggle. Author and educatorJames Nottingham discusses that learning is meaningful when we enter what he calls "The Learning Pit." The Learning Pit is when students, (adults too!) are faced with a new situation, area of challenge, or a disconnect to previous material/learning/understanding. How one responds to such a situation is extremely important. We still are not striving for perfection. We expect to encounter bumps in the road as we continue to engage in this new learning environment. To assist your child, please encourage them to embrace the challenge, seek answers from the teachers, and to remain patient and understanding. All new things are difficult until we continue practicing them and develop new skills. We will get through this new challenge too!

I would be remiss if I did not thank each and every family member for your support, patience, and understanding during this time. It does not go unnoticed that you are carrying an even larger load with managing your own work schedules while working from home and supporting your students during the school day. We are here to support you too! So when you enter "the learning pit", as this is not your normal arena, do not hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher or myself via email. Your student can always do a different activity, online or offline, that you are more comfortable navigating until your questions are able to be answered!

Here’s some information about Google Meet (can also be found on the MSD Virtual Learning Hub).

Parent/Student Info on Google Meet

Please note that Spring Break will begin April 6th-April 13th. Virtual Learning will begin again on April 14th. Please stay safe and well.

With Great Appreciation,

Lorri Vaccaro


Wise Words- Some Reflection

The buildings were big and people would smile

and travel they did mile by mile

But sick they became, in numbers it grew

Businesses worried, communities too.

Things stopped for a bit, the world slowed its roll

The virus had certainly taken its toll.

But what they then saw from slowing things down

Is in fact they now had less reasons to frown.

Families now gathered, what game shall we play?

Pass me the blue crayon, give mommy the grey.

Dad's home guys! He'll read us a book

Then all of us together we'll cook.

The lungs of the planet caught a small break

Less travel meant less pollution to make.

People did realize they'd all be ok

They don't need so much to get through the day.

Maybe this virus that caused so much stress

Showed the whole world that more could be less.


Let's Show our spirit

This time has been challenging for all. One of the biggest challenges has been not seeing each other. I'd love for you and your child to participate in this upcoming weeks very first Virtual Spirit Week! Please send photos to either myself and/or your child's classroom teacher.

Thank you!
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Week of March 30th- April 3rd

This schedule is to help keep students organized on which Specials activities to complete. However, students will be able to access Specials activities throughout the week. The letter day will be shared by your child's homeroom teacher each day.

Parents please remind your child to make sure they are completing the activities in the Special Area classrooms as well each week. Your special area teachers are also working very hard to provide your child with content from these specialized areas as well. We appreciate your assistance.

Monday, March 30th is an A day.

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