Calling All Gardeners

or Would Be Gardeners

Integration Using Outdoor Learning Labs/Gardens #35091

This PD opportunity will be held at the Food Service Production Center. It will provide lessons, demonstrations, resources and information to implement an outdoor learning lab, as well as, teacher and student resources. The lessons integrate language arts, social studies, science standards and support our district goals for improving informational reading and vocabulary across grade levels.

Our CCS Dietitian, Jeannine Marcum, will share about our "Lean and Green Movement", how to sign up for free taste testings in your classrooms, as well as, giving a tour and the history of our production center.

Participants will receive small group text sets, seeds, small garden tools, flash drives and time to research the sites introduced. Of course, snacks will be served!

The 5 Ws:

What: An enjoyable event to learn about and research new experiential learning opportunities for your students.

When: March 26th, 4:15 - 6:15 PM

Where: Food Service Production Center, 450 E. Fulton St., 43215

Why: Food Service wants to support your good work

Who: PreK-5 Teachers who sign up using the title or PD # above

These and Other Give-Aways Included!