Help Other People Eat

Who are we?

We are an NGO tackeling hunger in El Salvador. We want this country to be able to be well nutritioned and not to face hunger. Facing hunger is very dangerous, not having the right nutrients for a year can damage you permanently. El Salvador is facing just that! It is a poor country so they can't afford good technologies tho preserve the food. Lets stop it!

What are we looking foward to

We are looking fowart to donating some money for the purchase of food preservation tech. like fridges and freezers. We would also enjoy to teach the Salvadoreans how to prevent food poisoning, how to identify if caught and what to do when you have food poisoning

Food poisoning

A good example of food poisoning is Salmonela. These things happen due to food insecurity. There are two types of food insecurity, food producer's lack of hygene, or a lack of refrigeration. If food is not saved in a cold place so that it doesn't loose its properties can "poison" the food and turn the taste, the smell and the result horrible!!!
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