Warwick River Hall Staff Meeting

Tuesday April 5th, 2016

Staff Appreciation- Kirsten and Krystalee

Live Flowers, Dead Flowers

Duty Scheduling


  • Office of Residence Life Updates
- Update and bring your resumes to the In-Service on April 12th (7-9 PM, Luter 121)

- Sign up for HD Candidate interviews!!! On google doc that Bailey sent out.

- God the Mother problem

  • Fire Drill- how do you think it went?
  • Any maintenance issues?
  • Trends on your halls?
  • Making Meaning Week
  • Can't hang Captain's Cookies Flyers in your halls- considered soliciting. Must be at desk
  • Staff Bonding Activity = Grilling out at JR courts one day, Rock Climbing, or Pelicans snow cones + Movie at my apt. Which one do you want to do and when?


  • On April 12th you will get signs to hang up in your hall regarding closing info
  • Week of April 17th you need to have your floor meetings, every suite will sign a suite closing agreement so they know what is required of them for moving out.
  • You need to make a sign up schedule for your residents to check out with you! You can bring this to the floor meeting/hang it up outside of your room (20 minute time slots)
  • We need to make an RA desk shift schedule. What I'm thinking
- Every RA signs up for 2 hour time slots to sit at the desk between Thursday - Saturday.

- Thursday from 10 AM - 12 PM have 1 RA at the desk, from 12 PM on Thursday on there will be two RAs at the desk (consider if we want to have just one desk or two desks in use)

- RAs on duty for the nights of Monday-Wednesday will be "on call" for the FDAs if they have residents come down to check out and their RA isn't available nor is any RA nearby to check them out.

- For key return: utilize those key envelopes, write down name + info and staple to RCF (especially during really busy times).

- For late check out: we are creating a little slip they have to sign t hat says "I acknowledge that I am leaving past check out and will get a $50 fine, blah blah blah"

- What do you guys think?

  • Checklist for you guys to use for your floor meeting. Also have huge section on it in your RA manual.

Team Building Activity

Led by Laura

Team Appreciation- Kirsten and Krystalee pt 2

New Warwick Staff/You Guys Q&A Session

Don't forget that this is happening! Right in here, from 9 PM to 10 PM or whenever it naturally ends. Let me know if you all need anything


  • Annual Spring Tailgate April 16th 10 AM - 4 PM, free tailgate passes on Student Affairs Suite from Wednesday 4/6- Wednesday 4/13. Come out!
  • Staff game strong.
  • Front desk etiquette needs improvement.
  • Everyone is so great!
  • last few weeks, LETS DO IT
  • Love everyone!
  • F*** what other people say. I think our staff is great.
  • Love yall
  • y'all great


  • Kudos to Anna for getting her picture chosen for that award! (from last week)
  • Kudos to all you lovely people who were able to enjoy Easter with the fams! (from last week)
  • Kudos to the RAs on duty through the intense incident on Friday! (from last week)
  • Kudos to Wes for always brightening my day.
  • Kudos to Anna for having such a generous heart.
  • Kudos to Addie bc ily.
  • Kudos to Shawna cuz u my girl.
  • Kudos to BLAKE, thanks for taking me shopping and just being awesome! You're going to be such a BEAUTIFUL BRIDE <3
  • Kudos to Kirsten, thanks for talking with me and opening up to me. I think you're great and I'm glad that I know someone like you!
  • Kudos to Krys for being SO GREAT at directions ;) but mainly because I love you and you're great!!
  • Kudos to Laura, you rock and I'm so thankful we have you!!!
  • Kudos to the Gossip Guru, Mercendetti.
  • Kudos to Emily for being a good friend.
  • Kudos to Kirsten. My chocolate-covered pretzel
  • Kudos to Anna for an awesome duty night, was extremely fun!
  • Kudos to SRA for always keeping people company on duty, ur the man
  • Kudos to Krystalee, you are my babe
  • Kudos to Kirsten for looking gorgeous in her formal dress

  • Kudos to Emily for her happy heart
  • kudos to Gracie for being such a great friend and spending some good quality time with me this weekend
  • S/O to Kirsten for looking flyyyy at ADPi's formal
  • kudos to my girl Krys for being such a genuine person and always asking how I'm really doing and being so caring <3
  • s/o to SRA for abandoning his nametag
  • Kudos to all y'all for being awesome on duty
  • Kudos to Emily for bringing me fries
  • Kudos to Gracie for having such grace (lol) under pressure
  • Kudos to SRA for being so supportive and pushing me to grow even though I hate you for it and you need to fortify
  • Krystalees my girllll
  • Em you're such a rock, thanks for always being there for me
  • Thank you shawna for being forgiving and letting us see your personal journey!