Cell Organelles

By Kendra S. Gamble

Plasma or cell membrane

-Both in animal and plant cells.

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Cell Wall

-Found outside the plant cell

-Tough outer cell

-Protects the cell form injury and provides skeletal support for the plant.

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-Composed of the fluid and organelles of the cell

-Found in both plant and animal cells.


Safely stores the cells DNA blueprint.

-Seperates the cell's DNA from the activity of the cytoplasm.

-The proteins in the nucleus work together to copy segments of DNA into RNA.(Transcription)


-Small and dense

-Composed of ribosomal RNA and proteins.

-Produces ribosomes


-Paired of cylindrical bodies

-Each composed of nine triplets of tubules

Organize a microtubule network


-Granular, threadlike

-Composed of DNA and histone proteins.


-Dense particles

-Composed of ribosomal RNand protein.

Golgi Apparatus

-Stack of smooth membrane sacs

-Packages, modifies, and segregates proteins.

Endoplasmic reticulum

Rough: Coil

-Coils through the cytoplasm

-Encloses a cavity and cisterna

-Sugar groups are attached to proteins within the cisternae

Smooth: Membranous system of sacs and tubules

-free of ribosomes and it the site of lipid and steroid synthesis.



-Inner membrane is folded into projections called cristae


Membranous sacs that contain acid hydrolases.

Sites of intracellular digestion


Sacs of oxidase enzymes.

Breaks down hydrogen peroxide


Membrane-bound sac,large

Plays a role in intracellular digestion and the release of cellular waste products

Stores nutrients annd waste products

Helps increase cell size


Helps maintain cell shape