Book Report: The Missing Mummy

by: Xavier Muniz


Dink likes to solve mysteries. He has flat blond hair. He looks to be around 12 years old. He does not have a job, but is one of the three mystery solvers.

Josh makes people laugh. Josh has freckles and red hair. He is about 12 years old too. He does not have a job but is a mystery solvers too.

Ruth Rose likes to look for clues and always wears one color. She has black curly hair. She has no job but she helps Dink and Josh on mysteries.


The Missing Mummy is a mystery fiction book. Somebody steals a mummy from the museum, puts it in a restroom, and Dink and his friends help solve the mystery.

The overall book is exciting, I read it in only two days.


The book is great! I enjoyed reading it. I learned that mummies get buried with treasures and gold. My favorite part was when Dink was having a bad dream and in that dream he realized that before a bomb went off, the mummy's child's tomb was open. The bomb went off and the tomb was closed, he realized all the gold must be there. I would recommend the book. Rating: 8