Tech Updates October 2018

Connected Learning Days - Communications

One important aspect of Connected Learning Days is effective communication. There are some useful tricks to know for setting up things like sending a copy of a voicemail message to your e-mail, or setting up an "out of office" reply in Outlook. The first few items in this newsletter provide some tips and useful info on those topics.

If you are having trouble setting up Shoretel Communicator or logging in, please submit a help ticket.

Shoretel Communicator Resources

We have several help articles available for setting up and using Shoretel software. They can be found on the Tech Tools site. Here is the specific article for setting up Shoretel Communicator.

Outlook Resources

A variety of resources for Outlook and e-mail in general can be found on the Tech Tools site. The video below provides a how-to on setting an "out of office" reply. Here is the specific article for setting up an Out of Office message.

Web Help Desk reminders

Tips for making your help tickets more effective:

  • We know there are a lot of choices for the ticket types; these help us categorize and route tickets. If you're really not sure, just use a type from the Other Inquiries list.
  • The Assistive Tech group is specifically for items related to special education setup and support.
  • If you need help with a student account (for instance), information such as student name and ID number is very helpful.
  • If you have multiple issues, please submit multiple tickets. It helps in keeping items from getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Using the help desk versus e-mailing a tech directly allows more of the tech staff to monitor and work on issues, which is especially helpful if people are absent.

As always, thanks for using the help desk!


A few notes related to printers:

Toner: Printers are all set up to automatically request toner when they are down to 10% remaining. Occasionally we will work with the vendor to adjust that percentage to a higher number if a printer is heavily used.

Multi-Function Printers (MFP): At the end of October, we expect a shipment of new MFP devices to arrive. They will remain wrapped until we are ready to deploy them, likely around mid to late November. These will replace most if not all of the HP brand MFPs. The new models are all able to print, copy and scan, and all have the option to print in color.

Our current fleet of MFP devices averages about 8 years old, with some having logged a million pages or more. A district-wide replacement requires more effort up-front but simplifies things on the support side. Obviously we incur a cost for the new devices, but we are getting better rates for our cost per page than what we can get on the current models.

Adobe Creative Cloud Software

The licensing process for Adobe software changed this summer. As a result, if you use any of the Adobe products there are some updated steps for installing and using their software. A detailed article is available on Tech Tools to walk you through the steps and includes a list of all affected programs.