Weekly Wrap-up

February 8-12, 2016

ELA Summary

  • We kept working on our infographic culminating event by reading The Boy Who Invented Television.
  • Our Valentine's Day Party was on the 12th of February. We had a lot of fun.
  • We are getting closer to the beginning of Unit 3, in which we will be reading historical novels.

Looking forward to next week...

  • February 19 is the in-school and evening play. The 20th is also the evening play.
  • The new content rotation begins on Tuesday.
  • Our Worldly Wise test will be on Wednesday.
  • We will have no spelling words for this week.
  • Mrs. Meyer will visit content classrooms this week.
  • Hurricanes and Shipwreck final question papers are due by Tuesday

Fifth Grade Field Trip: permission form/payment due by February 19.

Historical Fiction Book Report

We will be reading historical fiction novels this ELA unit. Students will be reading and taking notes about story events/plot, and compiling the notes to complete a Cereal Box Book Report. Due: End of unit 3

*Book report directions and the scoring tool were sent home on Friday

*This project will completed independently at home

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Weekly Wrap-up Team

Thank you Thomas, Ethan, Eshal, and Madeline for summarizing our week and for getting us ready for next week!