Republic of Kazakhstan


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Location of Kazakhstan

This map shows the location of Kazakhstan. It is located in Central Asia, just south of Russia, the largest country in the world.
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Kazakhstan Information


The earliest historians can figure, Kazakhstan's inhibitation has been since the Neolithic age. During the 19th century, Russia expanded its borders into Kazakhstan. In 1920, Russia became the Soviet Union, and killed many of Kazakhstan's people. But on December 16, 1991, Kazakhstan freed itself from Russia, and the Soviet Union finally fell apart. The GDP per capita is 24,700. The exports are machinery, equiptment, metal products, and food.
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Basic Information

The current populatin of Kazakhstan is 17,948,816. The capital is Astana, whicis somwhat centrally loctated. The leader of Kazakhstan is President Nursultan Abishuly. The government of Kazakhstan is a Presidental Republic. The languages people in kazakhstan speak are Russian and Kazakstanian.


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