Vacuum Ray

by Karina

The Vacuum Ray

The vacuum ray is a unique creature that is related to the manta ray. It has adapted to survive by camouflaging into the carpet and eating nearby food. It's food source is in the carpet, so it simply acts as a bottom feeder and sucks up the food.

Food and Niche

The Carpet Vacuum eats the dust and crumbs located deep inside the carpet. It's mouth, which is on the underside of it's body, sucks up the food as if it were a vacuum, true to it's namesake. By doing so, it helps cleanse the environment free of charge.
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The Vacuum Ray has many adaptations that help it survive in it's environment. The flat body allows it to slip under doors, and if somebody were to step on one, it would still survive. It produces a slime that helps it move across the carpet with ease, working with it's tail. The wrinkles and colors camouflage it into the carpet. Depending on the environment and carpet, the texture and color of the vacuum ray change as well.


Over several generations, the vacuum ray has adapted to change to it's environments. It will continue to do so, and more adaptations will come. But for now, it will continue to do it's job and remove this world of it's carpeted waste.