Cataract Treatment in Mumbai

Affordable World Class Treatments In India Treat Eye Cataracts Successfully

India is fast catching up with the rest of the world when it comes to delivering quality eye care and Mumbai would provide the best facilities at competitive costs. If you have heard of names like Infinity, Signature and Stellaris, they are machines that facilitate the revolutionary MICS (Micro-Coaxial Cataract Surgery). If you opt for eye cataract surgery, there is little to worry about because thousands of such operations are being carried out successfully everywhere across the globe.

Let us be clear of what eye cataracts really mean. As a process of ageing or the result of some diseases, hereditary factors too, the vision weakens and a white film forms over the eye. Minor difficulty in vision poses no problem and you can live with it but if it gets serious and becomes an impediment in work and driving, treatment would be required. Technology comes to the rescue and in a seemingly simple procedure of minor surgery that is completed in a single day, full vision is restored. A tiny incision is made 2mm in size and the natural cornea removed and replaced by a tiny lens to correct the rays that fall on the retina.

The good news is that cataract surgery cost has reduced so much in recent times and become so much more inexpensive and the entire generation can benefit with clear vision. We would normally expect that the cost of the operation would range between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 15,000 but costs would differ according to the particular cataract treatment clinic. Besides, variation in cost also depends upon the quality of the lens that is inserted and a wide range exists. When all the costs are added up, the total may reach Rs. 35,000. Since world class treatment is available at reasonable cost compared to clinics abroad, a lot of patients would opt for such treatments in India and medical tourism is common.

Since the cost is not sky high, most individuals can afford the once in a lifetime treatment and reimbursement facilities exist for many government and private sector employees who can avail of free treatment, expenses being paid by employers. Do go in a check up if you feel problems with vision since early is better than late for cataract treatment since vision gets worse over time.

In order to understand the phenomenon better, 99% of patients recover complete vision through such surgery. It is hard to believe that 3 million patients undergo the procedure in America each year. The procedure is absolutely safe and no pain or trauma is experienced. Causes may be complicated like changes in protein structure in the cornea, enzyme defects in heredity. Intra-ocular inflammation could cause the cataract and exposure to ultraviolet light or ionized radiation and certain medications like inhaled steroids could cause cataracts too.

Like all surgeries, cataract surgery would involve some minor risks like bruised eye or incision leak, inflammation or intra-ocular infection, bleeding or glaucoma. Yet such risks are extremely rare when you consider the vast numbers who successfully opt for the treatment.