Bill of Rights Amendment 6

Cristian Valdez, Period 7th

The 6th Amendment

If your charged with a crime, your trial should happen as soon as possible. You shouldn't sit in jail for years to be waiting for a trial. Your trial must be held in public, not secret. At trial of jury will decide if your guilty or innocent. The government has to tell you exactly what your being charged for. You have the right to tell your side of the story. You can also have a lawyer and a witness to support your story .

Court Case

Willie Mae Barker was arrested for murder in 1958. He was not brought to trial till 1963. The reasons of the delay of the trial were due to a witness was ill. Barker was found guilty once he stood trial. They were brought before the supreme court in 1972, ruled speedy trial. 2nd justice concluded that a set amount of time couldn't be applied. Including the amount of time, reason for the delay, whether the deficient claimed the rights, times affects the outcome of the case.

Gonzales vs. Lee

Gonzales was arrested for the murder in 1998. She wasn't brought to trial till 2004. Reason for delay was due to a witness was ill. The jury didn't have enough evidence to prove Gonzales was guilty. Lee wanted to press charges but there was no evidence she killed Lee's husband.