Global Conflict

Hannah Richardson


  • started due to assassination of Ferdinand
  • thought to be the "war to end all wars"
  • effected economies of different countries as the war took up a lot of money
  • allowed U.S. to become more industrialized (had a lot of industrial power)
  • brought social consequences (influenza, murders, etc.)
  • League of Nations- organization founded to end the war, create peace throughout the world and prevent other wars
  • France worked to stop other wars from happening (they helped create the LN)


  • started because Germany attacked Poland and other countries thought they should join
  • Hitler was confident he could take over the world after gaining Austria and Czecholovakia
  • caused united nations to be brought about (they agreed to outlaw wars of agression to prevent a third war)
  • countries became more independent
  • Western Europe tried to prevent other wars from occurring by implementing other programs


Both wars obviously took place around the world. They stared due to one county causing issues (then the other countries joining in). In WWII, one country tried to take over all of the other countries, but in WWI, it was basically a free for all. The power of Hitler was so strong that he was able to have his army take over counties without a fight. This is not the typical war as most end up in bloody murders.


  1. The world wars caused our country to become more industrialized. This industrialism has lead to people focusing more on money than ever before. People now a days are so career driven because they want money and will do anything to have it.
  2. The industrialization caused by the world war has also allowed humans to have better connections. This means we now are able to trade world wide without many issues at all. Shipping items from place to place is easier than ever, we can now get packages as fast as the next day. This would have taken a lot longer before the U.S. became industrialized.
  3. Industrialization in the world wars also caused an increase in new technology. We now have many weapons such as powerful guns and riffles. Had we not had to create new weapons for war, these weapons we have today may not have been invented (because there was no demand for it).
  4. Another affect of the industrialization of the world wars is transportation. Before the wars, transportation was solely focused on horse, camel, and by foot. We now have cars that have enough power to crush other cars. This shows that not only did the wars cause industrialization to occur, but it lead to many new advancements in different aspects of life.
  5. Finally, food has been an effect of the industrialization of the world wars. Before, people relied on farming and agriculture, but now we have gotten to the point where there are not many people farming as there are people picking up fast food or food from the grocery store. During the wars, people had to fend for themselves. This lead to many deaths because there were so many fighters and so little food. The realization of starvation caused a new way of creating and processing food. So many foods now a days are processed, because they last longer, which is what got the men through the wars without starving to death.