Second & Third Grade Library News!

Friday, October 10

Buddy Files

This week in the library, second and third grade students first shared about what books they have been reading and we even created classroom posters that give recommendations to other classes! It was so exciting to hear the students talking about books they have read and sharing them with each other. I will include pictures of the posters soon!

We are still working on reading The Case of the Library Monster in second and third grades and I am looking forward to scheduling an author visit through Skype as soon as we are done reading the book together!

I have started working with all of third grade and some second grade (the rest will be catching up this week) on some typing or keyboarding skills. We have been using the program Dance Mat Typing but have found (through some technology issues) that the kids actually enjoy simple typing lessons using Microsoft Word even better. The good news is we are committing time and energy into the kids learning proper finger placement and keyboarding skills.

We are also working on learning about how the library is organized and finding materials or information in the library.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Mrs. Brenner