May 4-8

Public Speaking Menu Final Project

You will select one item from each section of the menu. The "appetizer" is worth 25 points, the "entree" is worth 50 points, and the "dessert" is worth 25 points. Before you move on from each section of the menu, you must be approved by Ms. Baer. No approval will lead to a 5 point deduction from each section.

Your speech MUST be college-related. Some topics include but are not limited to college majors, financial aid, high school success, university information, etc. The speech can be informative, persuasive, or for entertainment purposes. They must be 3-5 minutes long.


1. Create an outline
2. Free write about your topic
3. Create the provided graphic organizer
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Submit to Canvas.


1. Present your speech to the class
2. Create a podcast and submit your speech online


1. Write an analysis
Analyze your speech and presentation. How did you decide what you were giving your speech on? What was your strongest area? Why? What areas could you improve upon? Make sure you address both the writing and presentation of your speech. It should be a minimum of one page long, double-spaced.

2. Compare and Contrast
Compare and contrast your speech with a peer. What was similar between the two speeches? What was different? What skills or techniques would you want to learn from the other speaker? Your paper should be a minimum of one page long, double-spaced.

3. Peer Review
Review a peer's speech. What was the speech about? How did they decide on their topic? What were their areas of strengths? Where could they improve upon? It should be a minimum of one page long, double-spaced.

Submit to Canvas.