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Sony EP500 Battery - The Potent Battery Of Sony Ericsson Vivaz

A cellular phone battery can also be named as the life from the handset devoid of which it is nearly not possible to use its functions. Some brands manufacture high-end batteries for their mobile phones. This is due to the truth that the standard wear and tear from the battery loses its capacity to hold large power for extended time period. The OEM batteries by the enterprise offer you substantial backup and satisfactory functionality. If you're an owner of Sony Ericsson Vivaz and are prepared to understand in regards to the battery of this appreciable telephone, then this short article can help you to an awesome deal. Sony Ericsson Vivaz is properly equipped with an OEM highly effective battery, Sony EP500.

Key Capabilities

• The in-built double IC and NTC PCB protect against the battery from overcharging, over discharging, overheating and short-circuiting.
• It is based on Li-ion technology and is secure and dependable to use.
• It has undergone many tests that make sure its security.
• The battery has successfully crossed the fire test and is free in the probabilities of explosions.
• It gives extended speak time and standby time.
• It is light in weight and contributes minimum for the weight with the cell phone.
• It truly is also eco-friendly with reduce self-discharge rate.

Technical Specifications

Manufactured by - Sony Ericsson
Manufacturer Part No - 1237-4676
Sort - Lithium Battery
Battery Kind - Li-Polymer, OEM Standard (EP500)
Capacity - 1200 mAh
Compatible with: Sony Ericsson U5i/U5/VIVAZ PRO
Limited charge voltage: 3.7V.
Weight - 1.12 ounces
Standby time - 85-180hours
Cycle Life - Greater than 500 occasions
Working Temperature - -30-+45 degrees centigrade

If you purchase a brand new battery, you should be are in the reality that it delivers its complete efficiency only after 2-3 charging cycles. So, you have to initialize your battery in an suitable manner as a way to receive high finish efficiency. For the initial time it is best to charge the battery for about 12 hours and let it undergo complete cell phone battery charger and discharging cycles. This can be extremely efficient in enhancing the battery life and extending its functionality.

Acquiring this Sony EP500 battery allows the customers to love the capabilities of their Sony Ericsson Vivaz for enhanced time periods. This original battery delivers a extended lasting backup to your mobile phone and tends to make it the ideal option for the customers. An extra charged EP500 will be the fantastic strategy to stay connected for your household and pals and love its features for considerable time periods.