Settlement of the Russians!

Без труда́ не вы́тащишь и ры́бку из пруда́ (No pain No gain)

About the Russians.

Russian Immigrants have come in steadily for the past three centuries! Majority settled around the Alaska area. The reasons for the Russian Immigration to America was to enjoy their new taste of freedom and start a new life in the land of opportunity. But the most important early reasons for Russian immigration was to escape the famine, disease and dire poverty.It was not until the later stages of the 19th century that large numbers of Russians emigrated to the United States.Russian immigrants contributed a great deal to the development of science and industry. Important figures included the aircraft engineers.Between 1820 and 1920 over 3,250,000 people emigrated from Russia to the United States. The 1920 the Census revealed that there were 392,049 American citizens that had been born in Russia. By 1930 the Russian Orthodox Church claimed to have 120,000 members in the United States.

More about the Russians...

Many Russians went to work in the growing industries of mines, mills, and sweatshops of the East Coast.
  1. Jewish communities had played a vital role in the culture of Eastern Europe for centuries, but in the 19th century they were in danger of annihilation

  2. The first Russian traders and missionaries reached Alaska from Siberia in 1741

  3. The Russians came by ship and really large numbers.

    • 44 percent of this number reside in the Northeast, (40-50,000 Russians in Boston area)
    • 16 percent in the Midwest
    • 18 percent in the South
    • 22 percent in the West Areas



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