Definition: Approval or praise

How would I use this word in a sentence

Since the word approbation is a noun and it means approval or praise then you could basically use it to say that someone has approval or praise towards another. Here is an example: The crowd welcomed the heroes to the assembly with approbation. You are basically saying that the crowd welcomed the heroes into the assembly with praise or approval.

Suffix: -ION

The definition of the suffix -ion is the act, condition, state, or process of.

Base word: Approbate (approbat)

The definition of the base word, approbate, is approve formally. The word approbate is a verb.

How is the word approbation formed?

To form the word approbation, the base word of approbat(e) is combined with the suffix -ion. Since the base means to approve formally and the definition of the suffix is the act of, the two parts of speech form together to create a word with the definition of what is somewhat similar to the act of approving formally, or approval or praise. This final product created by the two parts of speech is the word approbation!

How do the pictures relate?

The photos above show the definition or meaning of approbation because they are showing people approving others by welcoming them in. You can tell that they are somewhat welcoming them in with praise and the middle picture is simply an approval stamp.