PCHC Spotlight

May 2015

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Reminders, News and Events:

  • May 8 - Muffins for Mom (Mother's Day Celebration)

  • May 21-22 - AACPS Closed - Kindergarten ONLY (PCHC Open)

  • May 25 - PCHC Closed for Memorial Day

  • May 27 - Progress Reports Go Home (Infants - Preschool)

  • June 4 - Preschool/4s - Graduation at 4 pm

  • June 19 - Donuts for Dad (Father's Day Celebration)


  • Please apply sunscreen to your child before arriving at school. If you would like sunscreen reapplied before the children go outside, please complete a sunscreen permission form and leave a labeled bottle of sunscreen in your child’s cubby.

  • For safety purposes, closed toe shoes are required for the playground. If you send your child to school in open toe shoes, it is important that you send a pair of closed toe shoes to school as well. Please make sure your child has the appropriate footwear to play outside.

Happy Birthday!

  • Mackenzie M - 5/1
  • Emma W.-5/4
  • Aydan C.-5/5
  • Olivia C. - 5/11
  • David M.- 5/18
  • Cole A.- 5/23
  • Mackenzie Z.- 5/25
  • Eric B. - 5/26
  • Mia W. - 5/26
  • Kamryn S. - 5/27
  • Alayna M. - 5/27
  • Tatiana M. - 5/30


Ms. Mellissa - 5/8 (Toddlers)

Ms. Cheryl - 5/9 (Toddlers)

Ms. Ashley B - (Front Desk)

Classroom Updates


Infant A - For the month of May our themes will be Spring Gardens and Bugs and Insects. Our core sounds for the month will be "Ba" and "La" and our sign language word for the month will be "Happy".

Some of the activities for the month include flashlight fun, thumbprint bumblebee, q-tip dandelion, and flower pot footprint. We will also be going on a lot of stroller rides and playing outside on the infant playground.

Ms. Kaitlynn and I are very excited for our new theme, to start new projects and to have lots of outside time. Please bring a hat for your baby for outside time!

Infant B - We are so excited to be entering the month of May! We are really going to enjoy the Spring weather this month. If the weather permits we will be going outside twice a day, so we are asking you to please send your child with a jacket every day.

For the month of May, we will complete several sensory projects and art projects to tap into our creative sides. We will work with paint, paint brushes, and crayons. Our sign words for the month are “yes”, and “no”. Our core sound for the month is “la”, and our word for the month is “book”. We will be working on those words and sounds every day. We are asking for you to work on those words and sounds at home as well.

We also wanted to wish our wonderful moms a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Ms. Kaitlynn and Ms. Janette – Infant A

Ms. Shanell and Ms. Bre – Infant B


This month we are going to celebrate MOM! Happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful mothers!

Our themes this month will be:

  • Mom
  • Teddy Bears
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Transportation

This month we will learn more about the color pink and our shape for May is the heart. Our sign language focus includes "mommy," "thank you" and "please." We hope you a safe and wonderful May!

Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Mellissa


It is May and Summer is almost here! We are springing right into Mother's Day!

This month we will talk all about our mommies. Then we will focus on our "pets" and "animals at the zoo." For the last week of the month we will talk about "farm animals."

We will focus on letters G and H and numbers seven and eight in English and Spanish. We will introduce the signs for "milk" and "cereal." We will also learn all about diamonds and circles! We want to wish all of our moms a happy Mother's Day!

Ms. Jenni and Ms. Ashley E.


April showers bring May flowers! In the month of May we will continue to learn about buildings. Our discussion topics will be: what is special about our building? What happens inside of buildings? What are buildings made of? What makes buildings strong?

Small group activities will include working together using teamwork. We will be using the listening center to hear what a construction site sounds like. We will build together using several different materials. Also we will encourage the children to play with the geoboard to explore different shapes. Our large group activities will focus on observing shadows of the school building at different times of the day. We will record the shapes, sizes, and positions of the shadows by tracing them.

We will take a few adventure walks around our school to look at the buildings near us and what is inside them. We will continue to read and review last month's books. We will add in "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs," "The Three Little Javelins," and "The Pot Juan Built."

At the end of May we will explore a new topic on exercise. We will start discussing what we know about exercise, and what we want to find out. For this new unit we will complete many large group activities.

Ms. Crystal and Ms. Tiffanie


We’re so glad to be blossoming into May! This month our class will continue to focus on trees as our area of study. We will be discussing how trees change, grow, and how we can use different parts of trees. Along with discussing how we use different parts of trees we will be cooking and experimenting with fruits that grow on trees.

We will also be practice identifying letter sounds, rhyming pairs, counting and number recognition. Our area of study will change to Balls at the end of the month. Focusing on Balls will allow us to build on things like gross motor skills, teamwork, scientific thinking, shape/size recognition.

As we are nearing the end of the school year we will also practice for our preschool graduation. Everyone in the class participates and will perform in a special ceremony on June 4th at 4pm. As we near the date more information will be posted.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to share them with us. We hope to be as helpful as possible.

Ms. Alicia, Ms. Liz & Ms. Alanna

School Age - Homework Center

We can't believe the school year will be over before we know it! With lots of exciting things coming up for Summer, we must first get through the month of May! Our school-agers have a lot of special activities planned for them!

We will be doing an awesome science experiment with flowers that we think the class will really enjoy! We will also do a surprise Mother's Day craft for our amazing mothers! We will continue to focus on getting homework completed and spend time outside weather permitting.

We would just like to say that we are honored to work with your children everyday! They have made us very proud these past few weeks. As a class, we made a new class rules poster with a list of all the rules we think need to be followed in the center. The class has done an exceptional job with following the rules and they've been working on a lot of team building skills without even realizing it. They remind each other of the rules and help point each other in the right direction if they see a rule not being followed. It makes us very pleased to see the entire class working together!

Ms. Rachel, Ms. Ashley, Ms Alexis, Ms. Alanna