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October 14, 2016

Storybook Character Day: October 28

Due to the recent Clown Hysteria, Northwest ISD is limiting the Storybook Character Day that many campuses have to the following restrictions for the costumes: There cannot be any of the following: face paint, head gear or head wear, no face masks, weapons, no scary character costumes. Please make sure to let your parents know that students CANNOT wear a Halloween costume! If parents aren't sure if the storybook character is appropriate for school, then it's probably not!

Instructional Focus: Feedback


We are continuing to focus on feedback to students. I hope you read the articles in last weeks newsletter about feedback. If not, I am including them with week's edition as well. There might be quiz!!!!

PLC with Schluter Thursday, October 20

What You Need:

  • We will be looking at journals.
  • Please select Journals from: 1 average student, 1 ECD student, 1 Hispanic, 1 Black, 1 Sped, and 1 GATES student (please cover the names and use a code for privacy)
  • We will begin at 3:30 in the Library. Please plan to stay until 4:45 (at least)
  • You will meet with your grade level. Schluter is structured the same as Nance as far as self-contained v. team teaching. J Casey- choose math or ELA- your choice.
  • There will be criteria to look for and a google form to collect data.
  • You will also have the an opportunity for input for our next PLC together.

This is an opportunity for you to see outside the bubble of Nance. Where are we compared to others? Where are our strengths? Where are our opportunities? A chance for you to have a collegiate conversation and to grow your craft. Ask questions!

Shout Outs!

Shout Out to Dawn for helping me get some things on the bulletin board outside my office.

Shout out to Dawn and Lyn for posting the Book of the Month work.

Shout Out to ALL of YOU for being so flexible with the schedule change this week. I know it wasn't easy and threw many students for a loop by changing their routines.

Shout Out to Stephani and Heather for welcoming a returning friend to their class.

Shout Out to Cheri for running the campus this week while I was in meetings or training.

Shout Out to Nic for covering door duty and to Gene for doing morning announcements for Cheri and I on Thursday!

Kuddos to Teters for coordinating the festive school gatherings for our team birthdays. Amy

Kuddos to Tipton for expanding the Peer Buddies for our 4th and 5th graders. So many meaningful experiences to come for all students involved. Amy

Kid Wisdom

Precious little girl comes to school with sparkly earrings that she talked about all morning. During stretch break, she told me, “My mom said my earrings are fancy. They are too fancy for me to stretch.” During testing, she told me that her earrings were too fancy so she couldn’t take her test.

Important Events

October- 1-31- Socktober Month- Community Service Project

October 17- Birthday Libby Hall

October 17-22 Book Fair Week

October 18- Cheri Off Campus- Transformation Symposium w/ Dr. G

October 18- Book Fair Family Night 5:00-7:30

October 20- Penny Off Campus all day- District DLT and Leading and Learning

October 20- Cheri Off Campus mid-morning to afternoon; Leading and Learning

October 20- On Campus PLC with Schluter 3:30-4:45

October 21- Cookie Dough Delivery

October 22- Fall Carnival 2:00-6:00

October 22- Book Fair is open 2:00-6:00

October 25- Birthday Jamie Robinson

October 24- 28- Red Ribbon Week

October 28- Storybook Character Parade Day and Sing-a-Long

November- Specials Lounge Month

November 1- Extended PLC Day 1

November 2- Extended PLC Day 2

November 4- End of 2nd Six Weeks

November 4- K-1 Awards Assembly 8:00

November 7- Penny and Cheri off campus all day- Learning Team

November 9- Thanksgiving luncheon- all grade levels

November 10- Penny Off Campus ALL Day- District DLT and Leading and Learning

November 10- Cheri Off Campus mid-morning to afternoon- Leading and Learning

November 11- Veteran's Day Program 8:00

November 18- BOY writing rescanned and uploaded to Eduphoria

November 14- 2-3 Awards Ceremony 8:00

November 15- Penny Off Campus all day Principal PLC

November 16- 4-5 Awards 8:00

November 19-27- Thanksgiving Break

November 28- School Resumes

Professional Learning

Feedback Professional Learning