(Eastern Equine Encephalitis) Caused by mosquitos

Alexandra Sinnery

April 27, 2015

C Period


  • Attacks the brain
  • Can be produced by bacterial, fungal and autoimmune diseases but mostly caused by viral infections
  • When an infected mosquito bites a human, it injects the agent that causes EEE. The mosquito is infected because it had previously bitten an infected bird.


  • Horses, Birds, Mosquitos and Humans can be infected
  • People of any age are at risk of being infected. Those between ages 15 and 50 have less of a risk for the disease to be severe or fatal.


  • Symptoms include suden headache, high feaver, chills and vomiting. The symptoms can progress to confusion, seizures, and comas.
  • Causes inflamation of the brain which leaves survivors with mild to severe brain damage.


  • Found in the brain.
  • Locations: North America, Central America, South America, the Carribbean.
  • Mostly found on the east coast, the Gulf Coast and some areas of the midwest.


  • The percentage of deaths that occur from EEE is about 33%
  • Reduce your exposure to the mosquitos that could infect you (i.e. Use mosquito repellant, wear clothing that covers you, repair screens that could let in mosquitos and stop mosquitos from laying eggs near your homeby removing any standing water around you)
  • No specific treatments, preventions or cures.