Tech Tidbits

November/December Edition

Holiday Edition

Since November and December always seem to be such a blur I've combined the two into one short and sweet newsletter. I hope everyone has a great holiday season!!


Chrome Extension of the Month

Got the Christmas cookie blues? Move It is a Chrome extension you can install from the Chrome Web Store. Move it is a reminder that pops up every 5 to 55 minutes depending on the 5-minute increment you set it to. When it pops up it gives you a quick activity to get you to step away from the computer or lesson and take a moment to refresh your mind and body. Think of it as the adult version of brain breaks except you're not dancing to those horrible videos (you know the ones I'm talking about - don't pretend like you don't). This is great for both teachers and students!
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Cozy Up!

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season when I taught was to put this YT video on while my students worked independently. There's something magical about Christmas music and a crackling fire that will get them to work.
Fireplace with Christmas music

Keep it coming!

You have all been so wonderful about reaching out for help or ideas and responding to requests to join you in the classroom. I've really enjoyed helping in any capacity I can. Keep the requests coming!